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We don't often shout about the excellent people we get to work with, but I believe it's important. I knew that I wanted to publicly credit the fantastic external business partners I have the privilege to collaborate with, so here they are.

Reshaping the narrative

HR Star

Kelly Tucker is the visionary CEO and Founder of HR Star, leading a revolution in how founders prioritise and nurture their teams.

Recognising the inherent challenges faced by founders trying to do it all, Kelly is committed to reshaping the narrative and removing the guilt often associated with being a CEO who cares.

Kelly champions a philosophy that aligns with the belief that no founder should shoulder the entire burden alone. Instead, she works with her clients in a collaborative partnership where founders can focus on their strengths while entrusting the intricacies of people management to a dedicated team of HR experts.

You'll often find her sharing tools, support & resources on her LinkedIn and free newsletter about how to better run a people-first organisation.  

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Over 21 years in business

Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons help brands all over the world with ecommerce and marketing solutions. Their in-house team of experts can help you with logo & brand development, online and offline marketing plus website design including Shopify store set up.

They're an accredited Shopify Expert with over 500 stores behind them. Their expert understanding of Shopify & marketing allows them to help you in designing and developing your ecommerce store, including offering training and ongoing support.

They work with you as your marketing partner to truly understand your business. This allows them to provide strategic, yet practical and cost-effective marketing solutions that are specifically tailored to help you achieve your commercial goals.

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