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Dedicated to supercharging personal & business success

At the Cotswold Leadership Academy, I'm dedicated to supercharging personal and business success without the fuss and with all the fun. Think of me as your friendly architect of bespoke development solutions, crafted to elevate business triumphs and ignite personal growth.

Rooted in Performance Wellbeing, my approach celebrates positivity, fosters mindset mastery, and prioritises personal wellbeing. Whether through tailored workshops or transformational coaching programs, I'm here to support founders, leaders, entrepreneurs and high-achieving women, every step of the way on their journey to excellence in life and work.

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"Mel is a brilliant and supportive coach who has transformed how I look at my life and what I want to achieve for the future".



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Investing in our potential

"As founders, leaders, and changemakers within our businesses and our community, investing in ourselves isn't merely about personal growth—it's about illuminating the path for others and collectively shaping a brighter future.

When we ascend to greater heights in our personal and professional lives, we don't just elevate ourselves; we serve as beacons of inspiration, motivating those around us to pursue their own aspirations. It's about igniting a chain reaction of positive transformation, where each stride forward enriches not only our individual journeys but also the entire fabric of our community."

- Mel C.

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