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Hello, I'm Mel C, the Director of the Cotswold Leadership Academy. My passion lies in transformational performance coaching, where I work closely with ambitious individuals like yourself and your team. Through tailored coaching sessions and immersive workshops, I guide both leaders and employees to cultivate a resilient mindset, foster an inspiring work environment, and overcome obstacles, all while prioritising performance and wellbeing.

Like a fox, my solutions are ingeniously creative. I blend training, coaching, mentoring, and consultancy to craft experiences that are both impactful and enjoyable. Whether you're seeking coaching, workshops, courses, or retreats, I've got you covered. And yes, learning should be enjoyable, so expect a touch of humor along the way.

My secret weapon? The Wholebeing method—a dynamic way to upgrade personal and business growth. No rigid structures—just shared smiles and progress. Join me where personal growth meets positivity, joy, and wellbeing.

My custom-built solutions are tailored to match the unique essence of your business.

But it's not just about business; it's about embracing the brilliance within you! If you're eager to unlock greater potential, I'll guide you on a journey of transformation, no matter where you are or what you do. I also offer specialised solutions to empower women, helping them find the perfect recipe for happiness and success across all facets of life.

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I learnt how to put into practice different tools and strategies to help me in my role as a people manager and develop coping mechanisms for life. The course was life changing for me. It made me evaluate where I was in my career where I wanted to go.

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